For the last 10 years or so, the Ikea “Alex” Drawers have reigned supreme for makeup and beauty product organization. First introduced in a Julia Graf YouTube video (formally known as Misschievous) the drawers became a staple for beauty “gurus”, influencers, and makeup collectors all over the world. In the last several months, The Container Store’s clear stackable drawers system has become a popular option. For $12.99 per drawer, overhauling a makeup collection can become expensive. Are they worth the money? Continue reading for the full review.

Makeup Organization – The Container Store

Since we moved to a new house recently, I wanted to have a makeup collection that was attractive and stream-lined. A friend of mine mentioned the Men’s Clear Shoe Drawers from The Container Store, and I placed my order that day. For 8 drawers, I spent over $200. Each drawer costs $12.99, but plastic inserts are $7.99 and sold separately.

When I first opened the box, I was initially disappointed with the quality. They felt very flimsy and easily breakable, especially if weighed down with heavy makeup. Once I added the inserts, they become much more sturdy. Buying the inserts is a MUST for the longevity of your boxes!

One box measures 8 inches wide, 14 inches long, and 5 inches high, so you can store  6 – 7 extra large Z-palettes with ease, plus a few smaller palettes in the front. Most foundations (Revlon Colorstay, Make Up For Ever HD, MAC Face & Body) can be stored standing up. The same with liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, and other shorter lip products. Taller foundations like, YSL and Lancome have to be laid flat.

Overall, I really like this makeup organization option. It’s not perfect, but I can find exactly the right shade of lipstick, the right palette, and the right bronzer within seconds. No more guess work. When I am working on a client, that makes a huge difference in time management. I think the clear acrylic will frost and scratch over time, especially if stored near natural light or cleaned with harsh chemicals. Stick to a soft, damp cloth. If you are wanting to try new makeup storage, definitely give these drawers a try.


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