If you’re not familiar with EmilyNoel83 on YouTube, you really should be. As a longtime member of YouTube (I’m talking 10 – 11 year, OG status) she is one of the only people that has remained true to herself, humble, and truly grateful for the process. Unlike many beauty influencers today who have a 500 square foot designer handbag closet, Emily focuses her attention around family and makeup reviews. Frankly, she is a breath of fresh air.


A few weeks ago I saw her video announcing the release of this palette, I had to get on board. Emily teamed up with Makeup Revolution on 2 palettes; The Wants ($20) and The Needs ($15.) The concept is simple, but meaningful. One palette focuses on shades that every beauty enthusiast “wants” in their eyeshadow palette: wide selection of shades, interesting colors, great pigmentation, and a variety of finishes – amongst other things. The other palette focuses on a few solid products that everyone “needs” such as: the perfect shade bronzer, nice highlight, beautiful blush, and a few select eyeshadow shades that are perfect for everyday life. What makes this palette special is she includes shade names that are appropriate; gratitude, honesty, faith, passion, love, and kindness – all things we, as humans, need to have in life. Beautiful concept and beautiful follow-through. Since I already have similar shades to the “Needs” palette, I picked up the “Wants” from the Makeup Revolution website.

At first impression, the packaging is perfect. The palette is a sturdy plastic in a stunning pastel peach with rose-gold print. It comes in a very generous size and a mirror of fantastic quality. The shade names are actually written on the palette, which – if you’re familiar with Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes, you’ll know that’s unheard of. Did I mention that the palette is $20?!

There are 24 eyeshadows – matte, satin, and shimmer. Copy & Paste from Ulta website:

  • The Cream (white cream, matte finish)
  • Midwest (light tan, matte finish)
  • Oh Heavens! (beige cream, satin finish)
  • Cupcake (peach, satin finish)
  • Hobby (light brown, matte finish)
  • Dues Paid (red brick, matte finish)
  • LoveTons (plum, matte finish)
  • Laughcry (blood orange, matte finish)
  • Prayer (sepia brown, matte finish)
  • Eve Rose (light lilac with a gold shift, satin finish)
  • Pizzazz (maroon purple, shimmer finish)
  • Cheer (maroon, matte finish)
  • Grateful (lime green, shimmer finish)
  • Belle Violet (lavender, shimmer finish)
  • Family (deep purple, matte finish)
  • Heartbeat (chestnut, shimmer finish)
  • Good Vibes (rich copper, shimmer finish)
  • Capricorn (mocha brown, satin finish)
  • Top Story (gold, shimmer finish)
  • Corduroy (emerald green, matte finish)
  • Side Hustle (khaki green with a gold shift, shimmer finish)
  • Pi Phi (plum purple, matte finish)
  • Apartment (wood brown, matte finish)
  • Dark & Early (black, matte finish)

The mattes in this palette are great. They are smooth, pigmented, and the shade choices are beautiful. When swatched on the arm individually, I notice a small amount of chalkiness. However, when blended onto the eyes, the shadows are perfect. They provide just the right amount of pigmentation while also allowing room to build up the shadows.

The satins and shimmers are sort of a mixed bag. Some of them are a bit more sheer than expected, especially the shades – Eve Rose, Cupcake, Pizzazz, Belle Violet, and Heartbeat. They can be intensified slightly with Mac Fix+ or any mixing medium. On the other hand, Good Vibes, Side Hustle, Top Story, and Capricorn are all “WOW” shades that really pack a punch. I almost feel like the subtle finishes (mentioned above) was intentional to add variety for more age groups? If so, I understand.

Kick-up and Fall-out, two terms that probably only eyeshadow enthusiast will know the meaning of, are basically non-existent. Pigmentation goes right to the brush and transfers to the eye with precision. For that, I really appreciate. If you’re a foundation-before-eyeshadow type girl, you will too.

Overall, this palette is (to me) very special. It has a place right up front in my makeup collection and I believe that was Emily’s intention. It’s a dress-up/dress-down, well thought out, work horse product that I believe will get more usage than any other palette you or I currently own. That says a lot! It’s travel friendly to a point, but the size may overwhelm a makeup bag quickly, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, the palette is great and I highly recommend it to my readers. For $20, get your hands on it!

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