Maybelline Dewy foundation reviewAs simple and obscure as it is, opening a new foundation for the first time can be invigorating. It’s a clean slate. Very rarely do the planets align and you find a foundation that meets every single expectation. Let’s face it, the majority of foundations are a dud! How good does it feel, though, when you find a perfect one? Like it was made specifically for you. For your texture, your skin tone, your needs, and at your age. That’s how the term “Holy Grail” came to be in the beauty community.  Today, I’m doing an in-depth Maybelline Dewy and Smooth Foundation Review. Is it “Holy Grail” material? Continue reading to find out…

Maybelline Dewy and Smooth Foundation Review


I bought the Fit Me Maybelline Dewy and Smooth foundation on a whim. I had $11 in Extracare Bucks from CVS that needed to be used by the 10th of February, so I picked up 2 new-to-me products while I was there. That’s the backstory. At CVS I paid $7.99. While the foundation wasn’t expensive, CVS generally bumps up the price tag on their beauty products. When doing my research for this review, I found the foundation prices range vastly from retailer to retailer. Amazon has the cheapest price I’ve found.

  • Target – $5.89
  • Ulta – $7.89
  • Walmart – $5.94
  • Maybelline Website – $7.99
  • Amazon – $5.64

Maybelline dewy foundation review

The shade range is quite small, especially for the brand size. I mean, it’s Maybelline, come on. They offer 16 shades total; 6 shades in the “light” category, 6 shades in “medium”, and 4 shades in their “deep” skin tones. This is clearly not enough for inclusivity and at this point, hard to look past. Why call a product Fit Me, when it really doesn’t? The Matte + Poreless version has 24 shades. Moving right along…


The packaging is standard, housing 1 fl. oz. in a nice, glass bottle. It is a Water based foundation and offers no pump. 🤦🏽‍♀️ That can get messy if you’re not careful. They claim it has breathable, light to medium coverage, with an SPF of 18. You know what that means…photo friendly!  I would agree with their coverage claims and add that it is buildable to medium coverage. There is a very faint, light fragrance.

Maybelline dewy foundation review

Maybelline recommends using your fingers to apply the foundation, but I preferred using a beauty blender sponge. When applying it to my face, it goes on very smooth. It evens out my skin tone immediately and feels very hydrating and supple. My shade Classic Ivory did not oxidize at all and stayed a natural yellow tone. Most foundations turn very pink or orange, so this was a HUGE plus for me.

Since the finish is very dewy, I lightly powdered the T-zone and kept the natural radiance on the cheeks. I absolutely love the finish and it’s perfect for my dry/combo skin. Wear time is average and stayed looking great for 5 hours. After the 7 – 8 hour mark I had some foundation remove from around my nose and chin. Or should I say chins?

A few days after I first tried the foundation, I had a few breakouts. I don’t think Dewy & Smooth was the culprit, because I also had a facial earlier that day and I’ve been hormonal.

❤ Foundation Pros:

  • Beautiful, dewy finish
  • Buildable to medium coverage
  • Flash photography safe
  • Cheap and easily accessible
  • 5 – 8 hours wear time (depending on activity)
  • Great for Mature skin (35 and over)
  • Water based

🤨 Foundation Cons:

  • Shade range needs improvement
  • Light coverage
  • No pump

Overall, I love this foundation, but wouldn’t say it is HG. It is beautiful and really compliments my skin type well. The coverage could be an issue if you have extra pigmentation. Other than the few cons listed, I highly recommend giving this foundation a try!

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