Milani Face Eye Strobe Palette Review

The Milani Face and Eye Strobe Palettes drew me in like a moth to flame. The packaging, presentation, and wave-like curvature of the powders make them look lux and ultra-dimensional. Slow clap to the design team. When it came to the product performance 😬 that was a big disappointment. Continue reading for the full Milani Face and Eye Strobe Palette Review below, including SWATCHES.

Milani Face and Eye Strobe Palette Review

Milani Face Eye Strobe Palette Review

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The Milani Face and Eye Strobe Palettes retail for $13 on the Milani website. I found mine at CVS for around the same price. There are 3 palettes total; 01 Sunlight for light skin tones, 02 Candlelight for medium skin tones, and 03 Goldenlight for deep skin tones. Each palette contains 3 shades that (according to the directions) can be used as eye shadow or swirled together to give the face an instant glow. That statement is true, if you want to look like a hot mess.

The problem lies with the color choices. All 3 palettes contain variations of shimmery pink tones, shimmery bronze, and shimmery golds. No matter how you use it, the color combo doesn’t work for eyeshadows or highlighters. Swirled together, the end result is shiny, bright-orange cheekbones aka 80’s throw-back barbie.

Another problem arose when I attempted to get my blush brush or highlighter brush into just one shade. It can’t happen without also picking up its nosy neighbor.

Finally, the powder formula. I was not impressed at all with the consistency from one shade to the next. The pink shade was very nice. It was soft, buttery, and had excellent pigmentation. The other 2 shades felt dry and cheap. Definitely not on par with other Milani powder products I’ve tried.

Milani Face Eye Strobe Palette Review

Overall, these are a BIG miss. The price is high, quality is low, and there are better products out there that do a better job for less money. I hope you found this Milani Face and Eye Strobe Palette Review helpful. Don’t forget to follow me on all my social media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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