Mossimo Supply Co. Regina Boots ReviewMy daughter and I went to Target for some warm school clothes the other day. While in the shoe section (which is absolutely fabulous by the way) I saw these staring back at me. Begging me for a try on. This was the last pair and a size 8. I wear a 9, but noticed they were 50% off, and at only $17 I tried them on. They fit perfectly!

Mossimo Supply Co. Regina Boots ReviewThese boots are called the “Regina” boots in faux patent leather. They come in 3 shades: black, burgundy, or floral. They are very well made! From the man-made materials, stitching, right down to the rubber sole, these are high quality. These boots are made to last.

Mossimo Supply Co. Regina Boots ReviewBesides the lace front, there’s a second (more practical) way of getting these on in a hurry – the side zipper i.e. your best friend. The stitching details are tight and secure so no worries of these unraveling anytime soon.

Mossimo Supply Co. Regina Boots ReviewThere is a solid, brass zipper that is approx. 5 inches long. The boot can be adjusted in tightness through the laces so wider ankled ladies fear not.

Mossimo Supply Co. Regina Boots ReviewThe sole is a thick, durable rubber that hasn’t scuffed my floor. However, the rubber is still soft and grippy. These are not waterproof so walking in water puddles isn’t a good idea unless you like wet feet, but these are perfect for rainy days in the city or country. They protect your feet from the elements, while still adding an edgy/cool vibe to your outfit. I just love this reddish burgundy color. When I wear these, I wear a lipstick to match.

Night Moth by Mac works nicely.

Mossimo Supply Co. Regina Boots ReviewIf you’re interested in these awesome boots click here or check out your local Target stores. They are regular priced online. On sale in stores. Remember these seem to run 1 size too big so keep that in mind.  🙂

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Daily Nuggets:

1. These boots make me feel like a bad ass.

2. Greek and Lebanese food is one of my favorite foods. Feta cheese and pita bread and hummus, Oh My!

3. Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

4. Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all time. My Mom always took me to go watch it in the theater. It always scared me for some reason.

5. I have blisters on my feet from a new pair of shoes, not these. I hate it when you first take a shower and the water hits the blisters, it burns!


  1. After a few weeks of wearing these shoes, they started to “squeak”, where the faux leather material folded from wear and tear, squeaking every time I step. Did this happen to your pair?

    • No, that didn’t happen with mine. Of course, I live in the south , so now the only time I wear them is when it’s raining. 🙂


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