I should not be spending $89 on a Blush and Highlighter palette. I have bills. Big bills, yet here we are. Admittingly, I was talked into buying this Natasha Denona palette by a very persuasive makeup lover. A Youtuber. Not even 3 minutes into the 17 minute review I had my finger on the “purchase now” button. That Youtuber was good. Was I duped, though? Let’s get into the full review.

Natasha Denona Diamond Blush Palette Review

I purchased this Diamond & Blush palette (in 01 Darya) from Sephora online for $89 plus tax. That’s $14.83 per shade. Shipping was free – thank the Lord, or else we would have had a problem. Once I finally got my shipment in the mail, I couldn’t open the package fast enough. After the box tape, recycled paper wrappings, samples, and the dreaded receipt subtly reminding me of my sin, I was in a dead sweat. An exhausted pant and wipe-of-my-brow later – I was in! Success!

I have bought Natasha Denona products before, but nothing has ever compared to this. The glossy, white unicarton is very appealing to the eye with dazzling, holographic lettering on the front. Once opened, the pearlized, pink palette slides out onto my eager fingertips. Does that sound pornographic? I sure hope so.

The palette is weighted, heavy, and sturdy. It’s high-quality plastic that should last through nuclear meltdown. If the political climate continues in this direction, I should be able to test that theory.

On the inside, chrome plastic surrounds each vertex. There are 3 wax-based cream shades enclosed in their own cubby (to avoid cross-contamination) and 3 powder shades. Each cream coordinates with a similar powder-partner, or each can be worn alone…but who wants to go stag to this party, am I right?  The more unadulterated fiddling, the better.

The 3 Cream Shades are:

  • Glow Cream Base – a subtle champagne gold. Rich and smooth in texture and goes on evenly.
  • Cream Blush – a matte electric coral. Highly pigmented and goes on smooth.
  • Duo Glow – a high-shine metallic baby pink with rose-gold flash. Highly pigmented and ultra shiny.

The 3 Powder shades are:

  • Diamond Powder – an ultra-soft champagne/white gold glitter. So finely milled and soft, it looks like water. Highly metallic, blinding highlight.
  • Powder Blush – a rosy coral, super-soft powder with gold, shimmery undertones. Subtle shine, but still noticeable on the cheeks.
  • Glow Extreme – an ultra-soft champagne gold powder with silver undertones. Goes on even, superb quality.

To say this palette is special is an understatement. It’s unlike any other I have ever seen in quality and likeness. Each shade has its own purpose and brings something interesting to the table. It’s great and I receive so many compliments when I wear a highlighter from this palette. People stop and take notice. Every time.

The big question I know people will ask me is “Can the shades be duped?” That would be hard to answer, but the short answer is, yes. I believe in this day and age, every makeup product can be duped with another product somewhere. That being said, I think it would cost more in the long run and be a HUGE undertaking. Wax-based creams are formulated to not remove foundations and powders, so they would be the hardest to dupe.

This particular palette is best for light – to – medium skin tones. Natasha Denona does make another for medium – to – deep skin tones as well. That is called the Citrine palette.

If you’re looking for a blush and highlighter palette that is a showstopper. Proms, Weddings, Graduations, etc. Put this one in your bag and never look back.

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