NYC Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews in the beauty community about the NYC Liquid Eyeliner. Some love it, some hate it. Since it’s so cheap ($2.99), I thought I’d give her a whirl to see how she stood up to the Uhapibeauty test. I bought the color black 887 from CVS pharmacy.

On first inspection the eyeliner is comparable in size to other liquid liner brands. To generalize, MUF, Wet n’ Wild, and NYX liquid liners are all about the same size and shape.

The consistency is very thin. If I held the container upside down, it would dribble out instantly. The applicator has a fine brush tip comparable to Physician’s formula 2-1 but a little more blunt at the end.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner

When applied, the eyeliner sets to a matte charcoal/black that is semi-opaque. It starts off opaque and lightens up when dry.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner

With two coats, I still notice some sheer spots. However, on the eyelid it’s hardly noticeable.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner Review

NYC Liquid Eyeliner is prone to running and if your eyes tear at all it creates a mess. This is not to be used for long-wear makeup such as special occasions, dances, or weddings. I got caught in a light rain the other day and looked like Alice Cooper.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner ReviewThis is one swipe with a wet finger. NYC Liquid Eyeliner Review

With other brands I’ve tried like Almay or Physician’s Formula, even the non-waterproof liquid liner held up better.

For the price, it is a half decent liquid liner. With the thin brush, winged-out liner is a breeze. It’s also great if you want to smoke it out. I like the matte finish but opaqueness is a big issue. Applying 2 – 3 coats defeats the purpose of “easy” when other brands get the job done in 1. This one is not on my recommend list for that reason.

NYC liquid eyeliner review

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