Buying organic can be a challenge depending on where you are in the world. In Louisiana, it can be especially challenging due to our easy, relaxed culture and our fabulously fatty cuisine.  It’s delicious but increases the waistline and the cholesterol levels. As far as I know, there is only one ‘Whole Foods’ in Baton Rouge and for those familiar with the city, the traffic can be extreme. I only venture if I have to.

I’ve challenged myself to find good quality, organic brands at Wal-Mart that I can use to feed my family. I refuse to consume products with rBGH because the health risks are enormous. If you are not familiar with this synthetic Monsanto hormone I will post a short clip you can watch here. If the food is organic, this harmful hormone is never used.

I do not like shopping at Wal-Mart, but I know that some people don’t have access to a ‘farmer’s market’ or ‘Whole Foods’. For me, Wal-Mart is easily accessible and convenient. It is limited when it comes to organic choices but there is a selection available that can be used to base your meal plan. That alone is important.

There are plenty more items I could have taken a picture of. I’ve found organic Heinz ketchup, breakfast cereal, granola bars, pasta, fruit drinks, salad dressing (which can be found around the fresh vegetables), and several others. My point is, it is possible to find and the extra cost IS WORTH IT! Your health IS WORTH IT!

I sincerely hope you find this article useful. I wish more people understood the health implications from constant pesticide and hormone dosage pumped into you body every meal, every snack, every drink, every day.


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