Yesterday, a friend posted a link to the Dr. Oz website which features Dr. Oz and a fellow Physician introducing a “breakthrough” crash diet. The diet is simple: consume only fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains that are nutrient dense. Eat as much as you want and within 7 days you will be at least 1 dress size smaller. It is common to lose 10 pounds the very first week. Was I intrigued? Absolutely!

I’m going to put it to the test!

Here is the link to check it out. Click here for Part 1! Click here for Part 2! Click here for the complete plan article.

Update: After almost 2 weeks of this diet, I feel great! I have lost 7 pounds which was expected. The only downside to this plan is that it is very hard to continue. It’s nearly impossible to go to a restaurant, and if I slip and eat things that I’m not supposed to eat, I immediately want more! Mostly mental I think.

This way of living and eating takes dedication. A lot of it. However; it can be done and mastered. It just is not the right fit for me.

I encourage anyone wanting a change to try it. You may find it easier than me.


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