Physicians Formula the healthy foundation review

I’ve been a fan of Physician’s Formula makeup products for many years, especially their foundations. As a consumer that is mostly conscious about cosmetic ingredients, I appreciate their efforts to provide makeup that is gentle on sensitive skin. So, when I saw a post on their Twitter account about the launch of a new foundation with a wide shade range (for them) I enthusiastically placed my order and waited…and waited…

Physician’s Formula Healthy Foundation Review Plus Demo

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation Review

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The Physician’s Formula Healthy Foundation retails for $14.95 on their website for 1 fl oz. On Amazon, the cost is $12.95. As of today, January 29th, it’s still unavailable on Get it together Walmart! has it for $12.99 and if I’m not mistaken, is eligible for the $3.50 Ulta coupon.

It comes in 16 shades that is separated into 3 undertones;  Warm, Cool, and Neutral. Navigating their shade range is somewhat complicated at first glance, especially online. I’m including the screenshot from PF website below.

PF healthy Foundation

Usually, warm is a yellow undertone and cool is a pink undertone, but the photo (above) makes it difficult to distinguish which is which online. Since this is their first EVER launch that includes more than a handful of shades, it’s practically impossible to choose correctly. I’m not sure what to expect. I wish they included a simple description about each shade, but I digress…I found a very helpful swatch chart courtesy of

Physician's Formula Healthy Foundation swatches

The packaging is VERY nice. It’s a glass bottle with a chrome, screw-top lid. In true form, I broke mine trying to pull it open rather than unscrew the first time. 🤦🏽‍♀️ The foundation has a large, doe-foot applicator (exactly like Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation) so application is easy. Check out the size comparison from a regular concealer wand.

Physicians formula the healthy foundation review

On their website, they claim the coverage is medium to full – yet buildable. Where’s my bullshit button? This is sheer as sheer can be! It is buildable though. It took probably 4 layers with a damp sponge to get medium to full coverage. Once it dries down, it has a very natural, skin-like, satin finish. There is a light, acrylic paint scent reminiscent of the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation. It does disappear a few minutes after application. Although the foundation has an SPF of 20, it still performed great in flash photography. I’m including a video below demonstrating application, wear test, and final thoughts.

Physician’s Formula Healthy Foundation Review Plus Demo

Final thoughts: This foundation has been getting a lot of buzz from the Youtube beauty community and I get it – props to PF for widening their shade range. There is still plenty of room to grow. I also think they did a great job with packaging. However; this foundation just doesn’t do it for me. I have dry/combo skin and as the day went on, the foundation clung to dry patches tremendously. It also emphasized texture under my eyes – to the point that it looked like plucked chicken skin. It also got cakey around my nose, chin, and forehead. This may have been due to the amount I applied to achieve decent coverage? I really don’t know. It didn’t start out that way. Either way, 4 hours was long enough to know I didn’t like this foundation. I’m sorry PF, but for me, this foundation is a pass.

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