I began using the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail polish strips yesterday. I purchased the designs “laced up” and “misbehaved.” This is the very first time I have ever tried a product like this so my experience level is very remedial. However; the application was not very difficult even when I applied them with wet fingernail polish on all my other nails. These are supposed to be placed on ever finger. I am against this for 2 reasons. One, because I paid $10 a piece for these and they are meant for one time use. And two, in my opinion, some of the designs are so busy, they can be overkill. You get 16 strips per box so this will give me a lot of different opportunities to enjoy them. I will just cut the other sizes to fit the finger of my choice.

The box comes with a cuticle stick that you may or may not find useful and also a mini nail file/buffer. I never used these as I don’t really follow instructions well (this has been a problem for me in the past) and found my way easier and more time efficient. I’m sure there will be many variations to the directions that people find useful.



To apply, I did clean my nails off with 100% acetone but I’m sure any nail polish remover will due. As long as the cleanser doesn’t contain any sort of nail conditioner. The nail has to be very dry for the strips to adhere properly. It also helps if you use a hair drier or heater to warm your nails prior to application. Instead of filing off the excess, I simply clipped the tips of my nails down. I covered the finished nail with clear polish and was done.

Personally, I would purchase these strips again with the hopes that more designs and colors come onto the market. Simple designs for the wedding day and I would love to see a solid gold like the one the company Mink produces.

Pros: Lots of cute design options, they seem to be very durable and long lasting, easy to use, great for a fun night out

Cons: The price is high if you are going to be using them just once, some designs are quite flat and look like a sticker, limited design options (this will change if the product is successful) and small selection for mature, classic ladies.

Update photo day 5 Right hand: There is a small spot on the tip of the nail that has flaked away and a little normal grow out. Besides that, it looks pretty good.







Left hand: A small tear on the right side cuticle and a pin sized spot on the tip. Compared to my OPI red nail polish it has lasted longer and shown less signs of wear.


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