TCA Peel Diary

I’ve finally decided to do another TCA Peel diary after 2 years. Unfortunately for you, this time around I will include pictures. I’m making all of the preparations tomorrow such as 9 days worth of groceries and errands so I don’t have to go out in public. There is 9 days left till Christmas and when the day comes I want my face to be glowy and radiant. <<<Fingers crossed>>> I plan on updating this post daily starting tomorrow 12/16/13. Hopefully, I’m not making a big mistake. The good news is, this will give me time to work on things in the house that I’ve been neglecting such as wrapping presents and painting toenails. I bought a Z- Palette to organize my neutral eyeshadows. I hate searching endlessly for a color I can’t find. The Z- Palette lid is clear and allows you to see which color you are looking for. Anyway, I also bought an acrylic case that holds 30 small containers. I plan on melting down all of my lipsticks and put them in the little case. Saves time and space. Plus, I like to organize the lipsticks by color. It just looks nice. I might include pictures of that too if I’m bored.

I’ll be adding a few reviews here and there that don’t involve facial cosmetics for awhile. Maybe a nail polish or something. I have to put up a Studio Gear CC Cream review, so that will be done before I apply the chemical peel.

If you haven’t read my older TCA Peel Diary, please do here( TCA Peel Diary)

So, without further ado – let’s jump right in shall we?

TCA Peel Diary

Day 1 @ Tuesday – December 17, 2013

My daughter asked me if I would wait until she got home from school today so she could watch me sizzle. Her words not mine. So, it’s 8:27 p.m. and I just finished the TCA Peel. I now remember why I waited over 2 years to do a second peel. It reminds me of a hangover after drinking too much. During the hangover you swear you’ll never drink again, but as time passes you forget about how much misery you were in.  So, here we are.

I washed my face with some ‘Simply Clean’ Sensitive skin wipes and then followed that with several passes of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. I have lots of early breakouts that are still under the skin, so I applied a tad bit of Salicylic acid peel over the breakouts first. I then applied the TCA Peel over it. The first coat was relatively easy. Not a lot of burning and no frosting at all. The second coat cranked up the temperature. I sat in front of my desk fan, running back in forth to the mirror, and still no frosting. I applied the 3rd coat and wow-nelly was I feeling the burn. I finally frosted. Not all over my face but on my right cheek, my forehead, and patches of my chin where I needed it the most. I left this on for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. It was torture but my daughter thought it was hilarious. She gets her sense of humor from me.

After the timer went off, I doused myself in a skin neutralizer. I used the same one from Amazon I bought for the last chemical peel . Thank God it didn’t expire! I felt immediate relief. As I sit here typing my skin feels a bit tight and numb but no pain. I applied a healthy dose of organic coconut oil to soothe and condition my skin. I also started taking 2000 mg of Vitamin C to promote healing. Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. My TCA Peel Diary has officially commenced! See y’all tomorrow!

Here is my FOTD (Face of the Day)

TCA Peel Diary

TCA Peel Diary

Day 2 @ Wednesday – December 18, 2013

Well, I woke up this morning with absolutely no redness. None. Besides my face being somewhat tight, it looks completely normal.

Compared to my last peel (which I also blogged about) this one (so far) is a cinch. I have been able to complete all my regular errands and tasks, even went to visit my Mother-in-law this afternoon.

This is kind of worrying me with Christmas T minus 7 days away. I think either the peeling is delayed or I didn’t go as deep into my dermis (see what I did there) as I thought previously. I don’t know. If anyone else has had this happen, comment below because I’m at a loss for words. I’m glad I don’t have the pain and discomfort but on the other hand, I want this to be a valuable blog post with viable information that people can use and revert back to in times of crisis. Delusions of grandeur? Maybe 😉

Will this TCA Peel Diary turn out to be a snooze-fest?! Come back tomorrow and see…

Wednesday – FOTD (I’m so sorry for these awful pictures!) Subscribe for support!

TCA Peel Diary

TCA Peel Diary

Day 3 @ Thursday – December 19, 2013

Today has been a great day! I started peeling early this morning around my mouth area and as the day has progressed the peeling has moved up to my cheeks. The rest of my skin is tight, wrinkly and thick. Unsightly, yes but I’ll take it any day! My hands are constantly hovering around my face, searching for loose skin to scrape and tug. It’s a torturous challenge to not pick at myself. The skin comes off thicker than a regular sunburn but not painful at all. This is a HUGE change from last time. I’m beginning to think that maybe the products I used (during that time) were irritating my skin and creating more discomfort.

The only products I am using now are Jurlique Balancing Cleanser to gently clean my face, then I apply a generous amount of organic Coconut Oil each night before bed and each morning when I wake up. Both products are very gentle and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

I was able to go to Wal-Mart today to get a Christmas gift and even went to visit my in-laws again today. Nobody even noticed my face. Come to think of it, that’s not a good thing! Anyway, I’m pleasantly surprised and optimistic about my progress.

My FOTD is going to be a close up of my right cheek so you can see the skin texture. The other photos in my TCA Peel Diary gave no details, so this may help.

TCA Peel Diary

TCA Peel Diary

Day 4 @ Friday – December 20, 2013

Finally got a new camera today! My husband surprised me this afternoon so picture quality should improve drastically. Today was sort of a rotten day mentally for me. Nothing with my face or anything. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I am in a much better mood now though.

As far as the peel goes, it’s coming along great. The new skin is shiny and very fresh looking. My forehead, nose, and temples are the next to peel. That should start very, very soon. I attempted a light application of Studio Gear CC cream today. My new skin didn’t like the product, so I swiftly (and gently) cleaned it off and just applied my eye makeup. I was supposed to put up a review of the Studio Gear CC cream before my peel but got totally sidetracked. It’s going to have to wait a few days more.

I plan on bringing my daughters to see ‘The Hobbit’ in the movie theater tomorrow. I can’t wait! Anybody else a huge fan of ‘The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit’ series? Well, yesterday I was Gandalf and today I’m Frodo…except for the forehead and nose. That’s all I have for today! Thanks for reading my TCA Peel Diary!

FOTD with new camera!

TCA Peel Diary

TCA Peel Diary

Day 5 @ Saturday – December 21, 2013

Today has been a pretty good day! We decided instead of going to see ‘The Hobbit’ at the movie theater that we (my daughter and I) would make a Christmas gingerbread house. The weather outside is supposed to get really severe with strong gusty winds so we decided it was best to skip the film today and try again tomorrow. I glad we did because the gingerbread icing is friggin’ delicious! Here is the finished product which has nothing to do with the TCA Peel Diary:

TCA Peel Diary

The peeling has slacked off a bit. I was hoping that today would be one of the final days but it seem like my skin doesn’t want to leave so fast. My forehead has peeled but not nearly the degree I expected. I’ve still got a large patch on my cheek that you can see in today’s FOTD. I put on makeup today without any problems but this time I made sure to apply my organic coconut oil under the Studio Gear CC cream. It worked fine this time and glided across the scaly skin without lifting it up. For the extra oiliness, I applied my Ben Nye Luxury Powder over my finished face in my T-zone. The rest of my skin looked soft and dewy from the coconut oil.

I’ll tell ya – this has been the easiest peel ever. I built it up to be such a dramatic event and I’m relieved that it wasn’t. I thoroughly believe now that the products I used the first time screwed my skin up. I bet it was an allergic reaction to Neosporin and Hydrocortisone cream! Never again!

Anyway, here is my FOTD. Sorry it’s not in the same room. My husband was occupying “the area” so I used another room with different lighting. I’ll update my TCA Peel Diary again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have some interesting news so I don’t bore you to death! Love y’all bunches. Bye.

TCA Peel Diary

TCA Peel Diary

Day 6 @ Sunday – December, 22, 2013

I just got home from the movies and I’m so tired! The movie was 3 hours long and they were super packed. Christmas preparations have really worn me down and I’m ready to start getting back to normal. I cleaned the house spotless today and noticed my peeling accelerated with the sweating. Yay! That is really the only change I can report.

Till tomorrow!

TCA Peel Diary

Day 7 @ Monday – December 23, 2013

I went to Sephora today to get some new products for my new skin! It feels so soft and smooth with just a few patches of skin left to peel. I picked up several different brands of products like, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat foundation and Hourglass Ambient Powder. I’ve heard great things about those two items in particular so I decided to treat myself.

The sales associate who helped match my foundation color commented on my skin and I told her that I had just completed a chemical peel. She thought Yves Saint Laurent would be a good match to enhance radiance. I’ll be trying it out for a few days to see if it breaks me out. If so, it will be going back to the store.

Tomorrow I will do my 8th and final check in. I will also Do my “after” photo. I can definitely see a difference but will be doing another peel in 6 weeks. This one was just so easy. I feel like I’ve been scared for nothing.

We are going to my in-laws tomorrow night for Christmas Eve dinner and then getting ready for Santa afterwards. I’ll try to post tomorrow’s TCA Peel Diary early.

TCA Peel Diary

Day 8 @ Tuesday – December 24, 2013

Today will be my last post. Everything has been fantastic with this peel and I can really see a difference. As I said yesterday, in approx. 6 weeks I will do another one so stay tuned for that. It’s been an extremely busy day between cooking several meals, visiting family, getting my girl’s hair and clothes, keeping the house clean, and don’t forget getting ready for Santa. Whoo, I’m tired.

I was able to use all my new little goodies that I bought from Sephora yesterday and I absolutely love everything I bought, except the Dior eyeshadow which I’ve not tried yet. The Givenchy eyeshadow quad – OMG is gorgeous and I wore it tonight in my FOTD pic. The shadows are so buttery and creamy. They go on and blend like a dream and the colors are rich and true.

I’m rambling. Anyway, see you guys in about 6 weeks for a new TCA Peel Diary. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will answer them all. Thanks for reading y’all. Bye!

Final FOTD

TCA Peel Diary


  1. Oh how I can’t wait to do my next peel. You are a brave girl to do it so close to Christmas. All the dead skin should be gone by the 25th.
    Remember! No Picking!! Wear gloves if you have to. And any skin that is just hanging on, gently cut it off with tiny scissors. No pulling or picking. I think I have finally learned my lesson about this… After 3 peels. Gosh, it’s just so darn hard to look in the mirror and not get the tweezers!
    I can’t wait to see your final result.
    Thank You Very Much for sharing this with us.
    Good Luck and Enjoy your soon to be radiant skin,
    Frisco, TX

    • Thanks Jen! I used my 25% TCA peel I bought from Amazon a few years ago. I hope everything goes according to my plan. I will be updating later today.


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