My husband and I went out a few days ago to celebrate my birthday and decided to try “The Little Village” Italian restaurant in Baton Rouge. The restaurant is located in a great south- central location that is easily assessable to people in the city, as well as surrounding areas.

It’s a medium to high- priced restaurant with costs ranging from $12 – $16 for an appetizer and $20 – $50 for a main course entrée’. The atmosphere is very upscale and lovely. The tables are set with beautiful silverware and dishes. The lighting is dim, sexy and sultry. For our special occasion, the price and atmosphere seemed perfect.

For a very busy Saturday night, we were pleasantly surprised to be seated immediately. However; the experience after being seated is far from pleasant.

It took 10 minutes to just get our glasses filled with water and another 15 minutes for the (very busy) waiter to ask us what we would like to drink. Another 10 to get the drinks and order an appetizer. I literally felt pity for the young waiter, who never stopped moving and seemed to agonize at the thought of being chewed out by hungry patrons. He was very courteous and apologetic throughout the night.

My husband ordered the artichoke bottoms topped with crabmeat appetizer, which cost $15. 30 minutes later, we received two artichoke bottoms with no crabmeat. Thankfully, it was hot and we were starving. It was quite delicious but clearly not worth the money.

We ordered our main course at the same time we ordered our appetizer to combat some of the wait time. Unfortunately for the people seated around us, we received our meal before any of them. They were seated and waiting before we even got there! They looked over at us several times with angry eyes. Whoopsies!

Our main dish was 14 oz Ribeye with potatoes for $34 a piece. We really enjoyed the steak, though had to wait at least 30 minutes for it also.

Unfortunately for “The Little Village”, I would definitely pass on it. The way the ownership clearly mistreated the staff is unacceptable and a tribute as to why they were understaffed. If we had not been seated so swiftly, I could have overlooked some of the wait time. However; they were clearly not near capacity, so the wait is unacceptable. Our waiter was over worked to the point of exhaustion while the manager/owner seemed lazy and sleepy.

Our waiter got a very generous tip.

The Little Village gets ★★☆☆☆!

Update** On Wednesday, September 4 2013 my parents and their friends went for an all-you-can-eat Lobster night for $50 per person. They said they had a wonderful time and the staff was perfect. I’m so glad to hear they have turned the restaurant around for the better because this really is a nice place to dine.


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