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Autumn is quickly approaching and with it comes fresh, new makeup trends to liven up our erstwhile summer routine. We are finally saying goodbye to full coverage foundation, overdone eyeshadows, and frosty, powder highlighters. If Fall 2017 makeup trends were a 90’s Supermodel, it would be Kate Moss circa Calvin Klein/Marky Mark days. Let’s take a peak at the Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends 2017 shall we?

Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends 2017

Foundation: Fall 2017 will be the season of foundation minimalism. It will be a time to embrace freckles, beauty marks, and natural, breathable skin. Better yet, it will be a time to cut 15 minutes off your skin routine in the morning. Tinted moisturizers and hydrating Bb creams are the knights in your beauty arsenal.

Foundation trends fall 2017

No Blush – Blush: This Fall, contouring, bronzing, and heavy blush will be a thing of the past. If you need a little color to liven up your complexion, dab a bit of cream blush on the high-points of the cheeks for a cold-weather flush. Leave the rest of the face bare and natural looking.

2017 fall blush trends

Patent Leather Lips: Matte lips have been trending for a few years now and let’s face it, will never really go out of style. The lip theme for Fall 2017 will be much like the foundation; natural colors, yet dripping with hydration. If you have a favorite lipgloss sleeping in your vanity, wake it up. It’s his time to shine!

Fall 2017 lip trends

Bare Lids, Metallic Liner:┬áIf you’re not a fan of complex eye looks, you will love this trend. Flesh toned shadows will be your best friend and can be implemented to neutralize discoloration. Winged liner will always be in style, but this fall we are switching things up with eye-catching metallic finishes. Rose gold, gunmetal grey, and bronze shades will suit all skin tones and look bad ass.

Glossy, Liquid Highlighter: Say goodbye to the powdery highlights that accentuate pores and fine lines and hello to healthy, hydrating highlighters. Liquid highlighters either under foundation (for a toned-down effect) or over foundation (for ultra shine) will be stunning in the afternoon sun this Fall season.

Fall 2017 highlighter trend

5 Recommended Products to Try:

Foundation – Laneige Cushion BB Foundation. It provides the perfect amount of coverage, luminosity, and SPF to the skin. Made in Korea with Korean skincare ingredients.

Cream Blush – The Balm “How Bout them Apples” Blush Palette. 6 vibrant shades that look fresh and beautiful on all skin tones. Healthy skin is in!

Lip Gloss – Lancome Juicy Tubes. They are hydrating glosses that provide a ton of shine. I love them! Plus, they all taste delicious. Win-win.

Metallic Liquid Liner – Stila Smudgestick Liquid Liner in Metallic Umber. This is one of the coolest looking eyeliner shades I’ve ever seen.

Liquid Highlighter – Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Becca is THE BEST at liquid highlighters. They can’t be beat.

What are your favorite trends coming up? Let me know in the comments below or if you’re feeling a little shy, contact me via email or social media. Thanks so much for reading this years Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends 2017!



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