Viseart eyeshadows are known throughout the beauty community for being a high performance, high quality product. Typically, they come in a clear-faced plastic palette with 12 shadows, but more recently they released 5 smaller Theory palettes that consist of 6 pop-out shadows with a less expensive *$45 vs. $80* price point. The Viseart Theory Minx II is the only palette available in Sephora stores at the moment and the one that was MOST appealing to me and my current (and let’s be honest…lazy) makeup style. So, how does this palette stand up to its predecessor?

Viseart Theory Minx II Palette Review

In previous Viseart palettes, the packaging has never been that great. The product is ALWAYS exceptional, but packaging was lack-luster and plain. That doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means and I appreciate a company putting their money in the quality of the product. With that being said, the new Viseart Theory palettes have higher quality packaging that really stands out. Once slid out of the paper carton, it has a NARS “rubber-like” feel with secure, magnetic closure and a satin handle that folds out “wallet-style.” I really appreciate this design aspect for the protection of the product, as well as for aesthetic appeal. It’s solid, durable, and somehow feels expensive. Who am I kidding? It IS expensive, but you can see where your money is going here.

Once opened, it has a 3 inch mirror and 6 pop-out shadows (as stated above) that can be mix and matched. The shadows are square-shaped, so MAC shadows or any other brand I can think of, off the top of my head, will not fit. Totally forgivable and I get the thought process behind it. The shadows are organized with matte on the left, shimmer on the right, and from light-to-dark.

Now, here is the kicker. Each shadow is superb – SUPERB QUALITY!! They are soft, buttery, and unlike any shadow I have ever tried. It’s unreal and super rare to find a palette that holds such majestic power. In true form it’s a unicorn, sprinkled with fairy dust, that runs across rainbows! It’s Starlite – and if you’re an 80’s kid you will totally get my reference. The palette couldn’t – in my mind, be any better. Pigmentation, blendability, and lasting power is exceptional. A color description for each is below.

Overall, this palette is outstanding. I’m totally hooked on the quality and (if you couldn’t tell by my excitement) really want to try more of these to see if the quality transfers across the board. Each shadow averages out to around $7.50 per shadow, which is about average for a higher-end product. I would totally recommend anyone who is looking for holy grail, game-changing eyeshadow to give this brand a shot. You will not be disappointed.


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