When you think of buying fashionable boots for Fall and Winter, do you think of shopping at Walmart? Well folks, you really should because they are KILLING it with the shoes this season and nothing was over $30! I picked up 5 pairs of boots (really 4 and 1/2 – you’ll see) on a random grocery haul to Walmart the other day and was blown away with the style and selection they had to offer. Seriously, Target would be jelly. So let’s get into the review shall we?!

Tan Suede Eyelet Booty $19.97 Click Here

These are made in Cambodia of man-made material, but feel so high quality. The faux suede feels and looks just like the real thing. The small eyelet holes make these booties breathable and stylish. They fit true-to-size (I wear a 9) and are comfortable to walk in for about 30 minutes at a time. The buckle is antique brass and secures around the ankle snug and comfy. There’s no rough textures that will rub against the skin and cause a blister, which I appreciate. The heel height is 3 1/2 inches and would go perfect with distressed denim jeans.

Cognac Ankle Booty $24.98 Click Here


The next boots are made in China of man-made material, but again, feel like soft, brushed-leather, which is much more expensive. The cognac color is the most beautiful “western-toned” brown…I just love it. The dark straps that criss-cross the front and back of the boot give these a cool, modern texture and really adds to the overall look. There is a zipper on the inside of the boot for easy-on/easy-off. I can not stress this enough, but these are SO COMFORTABLE, despite the 4 inch heel. They fit true-to-size and would look amazing with a long sweater dress, maxi-dress, or jeans.

Black Woven Ankle Booty $19.97 Click Here

These boots are probably my favorite of the bunch. The material is once again man-made material, made in China, but the details are fantastic. They’re made with a faux leather that is a bit more stiff than the other 2 I’ve talked about, but they are incredibly comfortable and stylish. I would say the color is a muted black, swaying on the grey side, so it’s more wearable than your standard, glossy-black leather boot. The straps are uniquely woven throughout the front, starting midway up the foot and ending at the top of the ankle. It also features a zip-up back and peek-a-boo cutouts on the sides for air flow. They have a 2 inch heel, so walking long distances is a breeze. These can be paired with anything; jeans, shorts, dresses, moto-leggings. They are just…too cool. Also, true-to-size.

Brown Suede/Leather Rider Boot $26.98 Click Here

If I could pick a winter boot that would go with me anywhere, these would be it. Practical, functional, fashionable, but most of all, extremely comfortable. As with most of the other booties, these are also made in China, but the quality is anything but. The material has a brushed-leather and suede combination – contrasting around the ankle for an interesting “utility” feel. There’s a cute, woven rope detail that wraps and tassels around the outer ankle that adds texture and fashion to the boot. There is also an inner zipper for easy on/off. The heel is small, 1 1/2 inch, and the sole provides lots of grip, so slipping won’t be an issue. If it wasn’t for those added details, these would resemble a men’s work boot, which I love. I would pair these boots with flannel, denim, and an oversized, fluffy jacket.

Camo Canvas Old Lady Shoes $5 Click Here

I’m not sure if I’m getting in touch with my inner 90 year old or my inner 5 year old self, but either way, I love these shoes and plan to buy back-ups. They’re practical and comfortable. Great for everyday errands or walking in fall leaves. The canvas material is brushed, so even though they’re sturdy, they’re super soft. The laces are made of brown woven rope material that actual inches in the shoes perfectly. I wouldn’t say these feel “expensive” because let’s face it, most brands make shoes like this at semi/low price-points. However, these are the most comfortable pair I’ve bought in a long time. Lookout Keds, Walmart is coming for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am extremely impressed with Walmart shoes this season. I think incorporating new and diverse companies, such as Time and Tru or Earth Spirit, has put their fashion inventory on a whole new level. I bought and paid for these shoes myself, using my own money, so as an actual consumer I can say without a doubt I would buy my shoes from Walmart again. ** Links provided are affiliate links, which will give me a small percentage of the sale. Thanks so much for reading todays Walmart Fall/Winter Boot Review Plus Try-On I hope you enjoyed. See y’all soon.

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