Walmart Plus-Size Clothing Haul and Try-onIf you haven’t seen my latest Walmart Fall Boot Haul, then you may not know that I’ve been binging on Walmart fashions for the last few weeks now. They’re killing the game – and I love that I can find clothes that fit great, look great, and I don’t have to go broke to afford them. The days of embarrassment from buying an inexpensive wardrobe at Walmart are over. With the recent debut of brands like Time and Tru or Terra & Sky the discount mega-chain has reinvented themselves. They’ve integrated stylish, higher-quality pieces that will not only last, but will stay looking great for a longer period of time. That’s the fundamentals of affordability.

Many of the pieces that I picked up, unfortunately are not found online yet, so it may take a search at your local store. That being said, the ones I CAN find online will be linked. I’ll update links over time, as they are added to the website. Let’s get into this Walmart Plus-Size Clothing Haul.

Walmart Plus-Size Clothing Haul

Walmart Plus-Size Clothing Haul and try-on

The first outfit is my absolute favorite and just screams Fall. The mustard-colored turtleneck sweater ($16.94 Time and Tru) is super stretchy, oversized, and comfortable. The size range is S – XXL and comes in several colors, including burgundy, heather grey, and olive green. I paired it with $16.87 distressed dark-wash Time and Tru skinny jeans and Time and Tru Cognac Ankle Booties $24.98.

Walmart Plus-Size Clothing Haul try-on

The 2nd outfit speaks for itself. The sweater (which is actually sleepwear) is the softest thing you will ever touch. This Secret Treasures $9.88 navy color is a great step away from traditional black and can be paired with a dynamite red lipstick. I paired this with $16.87 dark-wash distress jeans from Time and Tru and a comfortable pair of $26 boots from the brand Earth Spirit.

The 3rd outfit is almost identical to the first. It’s the same $16.94 sweater, but in a different color. Once again, I paired it with distressed, dark-wash Time and Tru jeans $16.87 but had to include my favorite $5 Time and Tru camo sneakers

Walmart Plus-Size Clothing Haul Fall/Winter

The 4th and final outfit is a little more professional, but still very comfortable. The top is $14.96 and from Time and Tru. The black and white stripes are very vivid and bright. It is super soft, but a bit on the thinner side, so you will need a jacket once it gets cooler, especially with the 3/4 length sleeves. I paired it with black, Levi “Curvy” jeans, $19.94 and $19.97 black woven Time and Tru booties.

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