It seems every time I “meander” into a Walmart these days I find myself browsing the same 2 departments like I’m on a crazed carousel. Only THIS carousel is a lot less colorful and usually includes a loaded buggy with a 6 month supply of frozen pizza rolls. I’m talking about the makeup and shoe departments. I know I’m not the only one. In fact, the Walmart in my town has become a popular meeting ground for 75% of the elder community, except their addictions usually involve pharmacy and deli sections…and the center of every isle I need to flow through quickly.

All the nonsense aside, I picked up some really cute shoes a few days ago from Walmart. 5 pairs to be exact and spent less than $100. That’s pretty good for a girl on a budget! If you’re interested in seeing a try-on of each shoe, may I suggest watching my youtube video? I provide close-ups, side views, birds-eye views, and detailed information you might be interested in.

Walmart Spring 2019 Shoe Haul

Time and Tru Ruffle Wedge $19.88

These shoes were the first ones I saw on the rack and I knew immediately I had to have. They are so delicate, feminine, and the ruffles across the toes remind me of flower petals. I bought them in a size 9 and they fit very true to size.


Time and Tru Cheetah Sneakers $9.94

The next pair are the perfect running-errands-but-still-want-to-look-pulled-together shoe. They match with everything due to the black, tan, and delicate grey cheetah print details across the semi-burlap material. For as cheap as these are, they are very comfortable, and don’t cause my feet to sweat nearly as much as the camo pair I purchased in the Fall. I really love these shoes and plan on picking up a few back-ups in case these fall apart quickly. Also purchased these in a 9 and they run true to size.


Time and Tru Birkenstock-not-Birkenstock Floral Birkenstocks $14.88

I’m guessing you picked up the impression I got from these. Yep, Birkenstocks, but without the high price tag. I thought these were so incredibly cute, dainty, but still very “lesbian on vacation.” They’re the perfect sandal! I love the floral rose and peony details that really stand out in contrast to the white background. The print is…well…HAPPY and they elevate my mood when I put them on. It’s amazing what a little shoe shopping can do to a woman’s psyche, right! I bought them in a 9 and they run very true to size.

I bought several additional pair, which can be viewed in the video posted above. Thanks so much for reading this Walmart Spring 2019 Shoe Haul! I appreciate all the watching, subscribing, and hang-outs. See y’all soon.

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