A few days ago I read a comment on a forum from an unhappy customer that purchased a brand from Whole Foods named Village Grown Organics. This brand advertises “Seed to Table” healthy and organic living at its finest. In the forum, this unhappy customer noted that the back side of the package stated in fine print, “grown in China.” This is the company logo: You might have seen it before.

Their website doesn’t mention anything about outsourcing their farming in China and other counties until you view the FAQ page. Click it to view for yourself. I have contacted the company directly and have not been contacted back. I did however send Whole Foods an email to notify them that they were purchasing products that were considered USDA Organic and it is product of China. It doesn’t make good economic sense to outsource seeds, then have the product shipped back to the US 7000 miles away for our citizens to consume.

I received an email back from Whole Foods and apparently this is not anything new. They actually have been doing this quite a bit for a long time. The email response:

Hello Mandy,

Thank you for investigating your concerns. As of the summer of 2010, we are no longer sourcing any of our Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value frozen vegetables from China EXCEPT for frozen edamame (shelled and unshelled, organic and conventional). We want to be clear that we didn’t stop sourcing from China because of quality or food safety concerns. Our move to other sources is a business decision. We were simply able to find several suppliers in other countries, including the U.S., that offered the same or better quality at better prices. We are still selling bulk products and branded products that may come from China.

We have always had great confidence in our vendor partners in China, and we have taken great steps to verify that those suppliers have the same level of integrity and commitment to quality as the rest of our partners across the world. 

If you have any further questions please use our on-line response form.

Best regards, 


Julie Campbell | Whole Foods Market | 550 Bowie Street | Austin, Texas 78703

This is basically a copy and paste from their generic blog site so they obviously aren’t concerned about my inquiry. I have since written them back via the “on-line response form” questioning their knowledge of the term for organic. In China, it could mean that it is farmed in human waste. I would bet that most people would not like their organic, healthy, overpriced vegetables being grown in human fecal matter. Delish!

(The proof is: here, here and here

I also wondered what set Whole Foods apart for stores such as Wal-Mart? Isn’t Whole Foods all about healthy eatting, healthy families, and a healthy lifestyle?!

I actually am beginning to question that. I think it’s time more people should also.

I haven’t receieved an email back and frankly don’t think I will. However; If I do I’ll post it on here.


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